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Added: 2013/12/05 7:58 pm

Sway Has Got The Answers!

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Sway Has Got The Answers! What is art? Who are artists? How can artists get the resources they need to create the things that need creating? These are questions that might be prompted by Kanye West's recent string of radio interviews. Also: Is Kanye our generation's Andy Warhol? Our Shakespeare? Our Walt Disney? Does he need modern Medicis to fund him? Should he fund himself? These are other questions raised by these interviews, particularly one passionate stretch around the 17-minute ,
Added: 2013/11/15 1:02 am

LAHH Star Admits To Cheating

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LAHH Star Admits To Cheating New York, NY - Peter Gunz earned the title of America’s most hated reality star when it was revealed on “Love & Hip Hop” NY that he married his artist Amina Buddafly behind his baby’s mother Tara Wallace’s back. Peter was still living with Tara at the time but admitted that they hit a dark spot in their relationship when he began sleeping with Amina. As a woman, who has been cheated on, my innate response to the love triangle was to hate Peter and ev ,
Added: 2013/06/30 4:08 am

Preachers Of L.A. Reality Show

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Preachers Of L.A. Reality Show While I am a believer in the theory of God I do not attend church as I spent decades doing so and have seen more than enough to know that the "Bedside Tabernacle" is where I belong! Many churches no matter the religion are messy. From the clubs of women who plot on other women's husbands to the building fund that never seems to attain enough money to make the repairs they were collected for and of course
Added: 2013/03/28 12:18 pm

Star On VH1's The Gossip Game!

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Star On VH1's The Gossip Game! The VH1 website has posted the entire first episode of their new reality show The Gossip Game which will feature appearances from none other than Troi Torain aka The Hater! Star appears in this clip and some of his alleged messiness is exposed as well....enjoy and be sure to tune in to VH1 on April 1st! Story Below: Meet the ladies of "The Gossip Game", a dynamic show that draws viewers into the lives of seven media personalities covering the
Added: 2013/03/23 12:05 am

Trailer For VH1's The Gossip Game

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Trailer For VH1's The Gossip Game The trailer for VH1's new reality show "The Gossip Game" has aired and get ready for the Hater (STAR) to be on a few episodes turning up the heat!! The cast features GlobalGrind's Sharon Carpenter along with Angela Yee of Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club, Kim Osorio of The Source Magazine, Jas Fly from Vibe, Ms. Drama, host of the MsDramaTV blog and on-air personality at Major Playaz; and NYC Gossip Girl Vivian Billings of