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Added: 2014/04/21 10:53 am

Prince Is Back On Warner Brothers

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The music industry should prepare to be rocked by this deal. More than two decades after Prince scrawled “slave” on his face to protest his record label, the artist has reconciled with Warner Bros. Records as part of a truce that will give him control over his mas
Added: 2013/04/29 9:03 am

Touré Delivers New Prince Book

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Toure Delivers New Prince Book “Jesus ministered to the least, the last, and the lost—He sat with prostitutes and lepers. In a way, Prince did the same by taking his spiritual message to the pop world, to th
Added: 2013/03/01 8:10 am

Prince Ak "Negrociations" (Unsigned)

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Prince Ak "Negrociations" (Unsigned) Malik Hall aka Prince Ak joined Supreme C of Zoo Crew as his hype man. Malik was anxious to be a part of music, but unfortunately Supreme C’s deal with Flavor Unit didn’t work out. Malik then began taking acting courses in spirited acting classes with teacher Tracey Moore who taught artists such as 50cent, Eve, Busta Rhymes and LaLa Anthony. He has appeared in Oz, Sex and the City, and 4 urban films; most recently a new urban film starring Jermaine Ho