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Added: 2014/04/21 5:34 pm

Dwayne Chess "In Need Of You"

Views 2,632 Ive been rapping for many years...It's just something that I do at this point. I'm from Brooklyn but Ive seen plenty more. Hopefully you'll enjoy my music and make it apart of your daily routine. I would like to thank everyone who has supported me via lending me their vehicle. *Shot97 is devoted to supportin ,
Added: 2014/03/27 7:45 am

ASE 1 "Immortal" (Future King LP)

Views 2,158 The Album that took my whole life to create...I Am Ase 1. Southern born kid who grew up listening to CDs his uncle played of Public Enemy, Brand Nubian, and Rakim. As he got older, he jumped onto 2pac, Jay Z, & Eminem. Lyrics are a must and when words are put to music, Ase 1 screams anthems and whispers poetry to the masses. Ase combines a mixture of southern bounce bravado like TI, with introspective lyrics like Kanye West. I hope ya'll enjoy my
Added: 2014/02/13 4:14 pm

KAMALA "Modelo Music"

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DJ Ready Cee, El Gant & Parakhan combine to form the might of KAMALA. After the release of two critically respected singles, Kamala have returned with a third offering in, ‘Modelo Music’. El Gant takes the rhyme reins and rides three razor sharp verses over an imperious DJ Ready Cee produced track. Kamala stands alone as unchanged men in a changing land by identifying with the idea of a pure Hip-Hop sound. By ignoring the creative boundaries of trying to be accepted by every age group, r
Added: 2014/02/01 6:04 am

Shel-B "How Am I Supposed To"

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How am I Supposed to Live, Is a very Unique Song Written by Shel-B. Touching Base on Political Isuues around the world, and awareness about certain issues in todays society. Shel-B keeps it clean with a green screen video, her first, but still manages to bring that high energy we know and love her for. You can look out for more songs like this and others on her New Mix Tape Shel-B "Haterz See Me" Coming Summer 2014! Shel-B will be releasing a video for every major single and a
Added: 2014/01/29 4:52 pm

Mil Gaines " Shred It" (Video)

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Mil Gaines is a hip hop artist coming out of Brooklyn N.Y. He has that real hustler's mentality. Meaning not just your average drug rap but that heart felt Ima grind to get mines attitude. You can tell as soon as you hear him rhyme that he has that "it " factor. His goal in the game is to gain respect and of course financial gain. He's performed a lot of places from The Pyramid in N.Y. to your local hip hop spot in Jacksonville. Now he's ready to make his mark in the the game now that the inte
Added: 2014/01/24 11:28 pm

WHIDBEE "Dead Broke"

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Originally from Brooklyn but raised in the Bronx - New York. Whidbee's lyrical abilities were influenced by his surroundings in the streets of New York. Forced to make a wise decision to better his life, he joined the Marine Corps in 2001. Juggling both rap and military life, Whidbee became exposed to different styles of rap in Hip Hop during his travel around the world. Whidbee embraced different techniques and sounds to develop a different style that would set him apart from other artist. I
Added: 2013/12/30 3:04 pm

ROYAL "Aint My Friend"

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ROYAL "Aint My Friend" Born and raised in Amityville Long Island to a single Mother of three (including myself). Although i was the youngest i was the only male seed born to my mother n so i was raised 2 b a leader,provider,hustler etc. My male rodel models were the brothers of my uncles! who stayed in prison more so then not. my life revolved around misplaced anger,but anger became a comfort zone for me before music becoming my refuge....Living in a home amongst 20 plus siblings o
Added: 2013/12/09 9:03 am

SEAN GREY "Warning Shots"

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SEAN GREY "Warning Shots" SEAN GREY started off rhyming and eventually transitioned into shooting videos and other executive work. Sean Grey had the opportunity to get close to some professionals in the music industry, learned 90% of the Industry was on bullshit and decided to hang up the microphone years ago -- but the Industry won't let him rest. Some of the most 'prominent' entertainers in the music business, to this day, are stealing ideas from his youtube videos. Yeah muthafukkas this is
Added: 2013/12/06 9:35 am

BLES "Clappers Freestyle"

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BLES "Clappers Freestyle" This is the latest efforts from rap artist BLES. The intent of this project is to inspire individuals to work hard and go after their dreams. Follow the team behind the vision and concept of this project: BLES (@therealbles) and director M. Deen (@artistechguy) on Instagram and twitter. Filmed & Produced by @shany_p follow on Instagram. Shot97 is devoted to supporting Unsigned and independent artists with regard to urban culture. The submissions we post meet our
Added: 2013/11/29 5:12 am

DON BLACK - In Studio Session

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DON BLACK - In Studio Session Beat Used Is Poundcake avail On iTunes From Drakes Album Up & Coming Artist "Don Black"In Studio Series @ Savage Sound Studios In West Hempstead , L.I. . Filmed and Edited By MD for H2N2Media & Judge4yourself (YoutubeTV .. 516.828.1011 for Filming HipHopNewsNetwork Talks about media events , Signed And Unsigned HipHop Artists .. Subscribe to This Page For All Updates On HipHopNews .. We Highlight A new Artist Weekly (Unsigned Grind) Founded In 1999 By Doug
Added: 2013/11/27 10:04 am


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Extended Trailer to the UpComin Mixtape "SAY GRACE" Dropping 11/28/13 ,, twitter/instagram @mickyrallens "BOW YA HEAD, ITS TIME TO EAT" BirdNationMusic2013 Shot97 is devoted to supporting Unsigned and independent artists with regard to urban culture. The submissions we post meet our standards and hopefully are worthy of your review. Please take the time to leave a comment (feed-back) to let the artist know that you were here. Shot97 can promote your video for a low, competitively priced cost
Added: 2013/11/19 9:12 am

Timmie Wrath "I need Answers"

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Timmie Wrath "I need Answers" Timmie Wrath was born and raised in brooklyn new york and is one of the most incredible indie hip hop artist that delivers ryhme flows that you would just have to listen too. Every word delivered always make sense and has meaning! Timmie wrath is also a ghostwriter for others, a fan of graffiti, loves late 90's hip hop and is also a fans of some of the great mc's such as biggie, jay-z and nas, just to name a few out of many. Timmie wrath captures the vision and
Added: 2013/11/13 7:40 pm

Tha Scholars "Hood report"

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Tha Scholars "Hood report" Tha Scholars consist of Lee Steven and Cata. Both are born and raised in Baltimore, MD. Listeners can request free music by emailing them at IG lee_stevo -- music posted weekly on @thascholars09 Shot97 is devoted to supporting Unsigned and independent artists with regard to urban culture. The submissions we post meet our standards and hopefully are worthy of your review. Please take the time to leave a comment (fe
Added: 2013/11/05 12:27 am

FRANC OG "Fresh, Fly & Faded"

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FRANC OG "Fresh, Fly & Faded" From the depths of Chicago’s chaotic streets. From the loving grasp of Ms. McKenzie’s arms and from the twinkle of Carl Brown Jr.’s eyes was born a young male named Carlton Navario Brown III. He would grew up in a unique family. Soon the nickname Redd was attached to the little light-skinned boy’s frame. There was certainly much adversity, strife and hardship coming up in the extremely urbanized Southside of the CHI. These struggles fueled the passion
Added: 2013/11/04 2:50 pm

Kutlass Supreme "No Feelings"

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Kutlass Supreme "No Feelings" Kutlass Supreme is a 26 year old hip hop artist better known as of recent as Preme. Casey "Kutlass Supreme" LeDuff was born December 6th, 1986 in Lynwood, California and was shortly thereafter relocated to Phoenix, Arizona. Preme is an independent, raw talent artist who discovered his love for writting and reciting lyrics at a young age. He released his first full-length project his senior year of high school as a collective of the group Team Up Click a/k/a T.U.C.
Added: 2013/11/04 2:34 pm

D Menz "Mind My Business"

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D Menz "Mind My Business" BMI songwriter D Menz was born on the south side of Chicago on August 6, 1988. The offspring of two industry cool's Devon's father (Ron B) was a session musician for Jive records and Devon's mother (Diana Coye) was a hired singer for Def Jam (Formerly Def City) L.A. office. D Menyce is also influenced by some of the greats such as Jay Z, Timbaland, Kanye West, Just Blaze, Dr. Dre, Tupac, T-Minus, Noah Goldstein, and Pusha T. Devon is currently the chairman of Champio
Added: 2013/10/31 6:26 pm

REEVES "Blown Away"

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REEVES "Blown Away" Artist: Reeves : Song: "Blown Away" first single of the upcoming EP' "The Christening" Creative Soul Music Group @SmokeyVoiceGuy Dir: King Ramses (Life's a Movie) reverbnation/smokeyvoiceguy facebook/smokeyvoicereeves *Shot97 is devoted to supporting Unsigned and independent artists with regard to urban culture. The submissions we post meet our standards and hopefully are worthy of your review. Please take the time to leave a comment (feed-back) to let the artist kn
Added: 2013/06/11 11:36 pm

Ms.Fit "Here With You" (Unsigned)

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