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Added: 2014/09/24 9:36 am Jay walker

Jay walker hit by car

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Have you ever been frustrated by someone slowly walking in the middle of the street as you attempt to pass? I see people that do this on a daily basis and it drives me crazy.  Not only do they slowly walk in the street but they will get an attitude with you if you blow your horn.  In some instances people have been shot by entitled jay walkers who feel they own the road and your time is unimportant. You've got to be a real jerk to casually walk in the middle of the street and expecting m
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Kevin Durant Signs To Roc Nation

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Kevin Durant Signs To Roc Nation Quite possibly the worst kept secret in professional sports, Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin
Added: 2013/04/23 11:56 am

Kanye Smiles For Jay-Z Not Kim!

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                Kanye Smiles For Jay-Z Not Kim! It's all fun and games until that belly pops up! Perhaps someone should have pulled Kimmie Cakes to the side to let her know that certain black men are not moved by fake sickness and using pregnancy to become an invalid ....they just dont go for it! Women have been having