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Added: 2014/11/22 3:40 pm mourning

Vigil For Brooklyn Man Fatally Shot By Rookie Cop

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Vigil For Brooklyn Man Fatally Shot By Rookie Cop [Read Story Below] Residents and community leaders of the Pink Houses public housing complex in Brooklyn, where an unarme
Added: 2014/10/07 11:22 pm Possible indictment for Brooklyn cops after run in with teen

Possible indictment for Brooklyn cops after pistol whipping

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Two cops have been disciplined after a disturbing video surfaced showing a 16-year-old boy pistol-whipped and beaten by cops — and now criminal charges could follow. A Brooklyn grand jury will begin hearing evidence in the case as early as next week, the Daily News has learned. The video, taken around 2:20 a.m. on Aug. 29, showed Kahreem Tribble running from police, slowing down and apparently attempting to surrender on St.
Added: 2014/09/21 7:02 am Freedom Fighters Turnt Up In NY

Freedom Fighters Turnt Up In NY

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Freedom Fighter is another term for those engaged in a struggle to achieve political freedom for themselves or obtain freedom for others. Though the literal meaning of the words could include anyone who fights for the cause of freedom, in common use it may be restricted to those who are actively involved in an armed rebellion, rather than those who campaign for freedom by peaceful means (though they may use the title in its literal sense). Generally speaking, Freedom Fighters are seen as peop

Two Brooklyn women force out tenants at gunpoint

Two women were arrested after they allegedly robbed and then intimidated three tenants out of their Brooklyn apartment — and the crime was partly motivated by race and class resentment, law enforce
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Land of the Bleach? Brooklyn Bridge Flag destroyed!!!

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Police are searching for four or five people they believe scaled to the top of the Brooklyn Bridge's two towers in the dead of night, disabled lights illuminating two large American flags and then replaced the flags with bleached-white ones. The security breach at one of New York City's most secured landmarks didn't appear to be the work of terrorists or even a political statement, said the police department's deputy commissioner for counterterrorism and intelligence, but was likely done by p ,
Added: 2014/06/11 10:45 pm SEAN BREED “H.I.T.L.E.R” (video)

SEAN BREED "H.I.T.L.E.R" (video)

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Recording Artist Sean Breed Delivers The Most anticipated Song Of 2014!! The Song Is Entitled H.I.T.L.E.R From the Album Entitled H.I.T.L.E.R Due For Release 4-20-2014 Brooklyn New York Native Rapper Sean Breed is set to release the most controversial song and album of his short career in the music industry. He believes that every entertainer is "given a gift to entertain people but to also use their platform to help the betterment of the human race". That's while Sean has decided to name
Added: 2014/05/22 12:05 am

2 Students Accused Of Poisoning Teacher's Water

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2 Students Accused Of Poisoning Teacher's Water NEW YORK, NY  - Two Brooklyn elementary school students have been arrested on suspicion of putting rat poison in a teacher’s water bottle, the police said on Wednesday. T
Added: 2014/05/12 2:39 am

Sky Soprano feat Cortez & E - Rilla

Views 2,923 If there's one thing Sky Soprano is about, it's loyalty. That's why it was no question "Lies" would be the next official Drama Dot Kom video. In a industry full of dishonesty and untruths, we will forever respect the real. This video is for those who talk what they live, and live it well. It features cameos from Cortez and Rilla! These verses you'll be sure to remember! This is t ,
Added: 2014/05/05 6:18 pm

Breakdancing Monks Honor Fallen Beastie Boy

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[vimeo 93932132 w=500 h=281] Breakdancing Monks Honor Fallen Beastie Boy NEW YORK, NY - On Saturday, artists gathered to honor Beastie Boys rapper Adam Yauch for the third annual MCA Day, and a bunch of monks decided to get in on the action. MCA Day is meant to celebrate Yauch, who died aft
Added: 2014/04/21 5:34 pm

Dwayne Chess "In Need Of You"

Views 2,632 Ive been rapping for many years...It's just something that I do at this point. I'm from Brooklyn but Ive seen plenty more. Hopefully you'll enjoy my music and make it apart of your daily routine. I would like to thank everyone who has supported me via lending me their vehicle. *Shot97 is devoted to supportin ,
Added: 2014/04/21 11:27 am

WHIDBEE "I Am New York" (audio)

Views 3,863 Originally from Brooklyn, raised in the Bronx located in New York, Whidbee develop is lyrical abilities being influenced by his surroundings in the streets of New York. Force to make a wise decision to better his life, he joined the Marine Corps in 2001. Juggling both rap and military life, Whidbee became exposed to different styles of rap in Hip Hop during his travel around the world. Whidbee embrace ,
Added: 2014/04/20 12:33 pm

The Smalls Family: Ep. 6 "Nasty Boy"

Views 2,270 THE SMALLS FAMILY is an experimental comedy based on the timeless lyrics of THE NOTORIOUS B.I.G. Biggie Smalls is considered by most to be one the great lyricists in the history of hip-hop music. His untimely death on March 9, 1997 changed the face of hip-hop and left a legacy behind that has yet to be duplicated. In the past, many great works of classic writers and poets have been reinterpreted over the years...most notably the works of Shakespeare. I ,
Added: 2014/04/20 6:54 am

Drake Takes Another Stab At Jay-Z

Views 2,057 Omnipresent Sports Fan Drake was on the TSN broadcast yesterday afternoon during Nets-Raptors game, which the Nets won 94-87. Since Brooklyn was in the house, Drake decided to take a few shots at the former owner of a tiny piece of the Nets and accused him of eating fondue. The era of the rap diss track is officially over. TORONTO -- The Brooklyn Nets made a case for the important of playoff experience in their opening victory over the Toronto Raptors. ,
Added: 2014/04/15 12:54 am

M. Reck "I Give It Up" (S.R.R.)

Views 1,932 Brooklyn native, Jermaine Joseph also known as “M. Reck,” has a strong appetite for enterprise. Reck, is a Crown Heights-born, East New York bred street savvy artist, who illustrates the harsh realities of everyday, urban life. An emcee since his early teens, M. Reck continues to lay bars over exclusive beats and grace commercial radio stations and internet news forums, worldwide. In 1999, Reck assumed the alias “Mr. Reck” and was featured on ,
Added: 2014/04/12 1:49 pm


Views 2,435 James Lloyd (born August 20, 1977), better known by his stage name Lil' Cease, is an American rapper and member of hip hop group Junior M.A.F.I.A.. Cease released his first album, Conspiracy, with Junior M.A.F.I.A. in 1995, and gained mainstream attention with a memorable verse on "Player's Anthem", the album's highest charting single. Frequent name dropping from mentor The Notorious B.I.G. throughout Cease's career helped keep the young rapper in the
Added: 2014/03/16 9:14 am

The Original 50 Cent (Documentary)

Views 3,553 "50 Cent terrorized the streets of Fort Greene, Brooklyn and its surrounding areas. Often known to carry a Colt .45 and .357 Magnum, like a modern day Billy "The Kid", the "little man" put fear into the hearts of local residents during what was the height of the crack cocaine epidemic. It's rumored that 50 Cent murdered some 30 individuals. Eventually, 50 Cent's exploits caught up with him. Rapper 50 Cent, who did his hustling on the street of Jamaica,
Added: 2014/03/15 11:01 am

KAYO SO-FROSTY "Life & Times"

Views 2,109 The best way to describe this artist would be talented. Haitian born but raise in New york City since the age of nine years old. Rapper Kayo knew he was destined for greatness. Losing his moms at the age of four and father never being around quickly gave young Kayo the go-getter attitude. Running the streets all through the early grimey 90's as they called it Kayo ran around with the toughest and roughest gangsters,crimin
Added: 2014/03/10 1:13 pm

Done Wright - "7 Digits"

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Done Wright - "7 Digits" Brooklyn rap artist Done Wright drops the visuals to his street banger " 7 Digits" produced by Book141. Directed by CMQ Productions + edited by George Yung of IBFi
Added: 2014/02/22 1:21 pm no-image-91877

DoghouseRadio: Frost Tha Coldest

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In the latest DogHouse Radio Show, Frost Tha Coldest claims he's king of Brooklyn and also Hot97's Ebro gets punked! DogHouse house is back with gossip, news and craziness .. must see! ------------------------- Bio: What makes “FROST” so appealing? When you hear music sometimes your fo
Added: 2014/02/08 1:01 pm

Kayo SoFrosty 5am in Flatbush

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Kayo SoFrosty 5am in Flatbush Instagram KayoSoFrosty For Bookings Features & all inquiries Contact: Flatbush is a community which consists of several neighborhoods in the New York City borough of Brooklyn. The name Flatbush is an Anglic
Added: 2014/02/05 9:42 pm

M. Reck Ft. A Mafia & Streetz

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M. Reck Ft A Mafia & Streetz Nobody Cares (Prod. By DJ Shiz) Off Of The Respect My Handle Album. Brooklyn native, Jermaine Joseph also known as “M. Reck,” has a strong appetite for enterprise. Reck, is a Crown Heights-born, East New York bred street savvy artist, who illustrates the harsh realities of everyday, urban life. An emcee since his early teens, M. Reck continues to lay bars over exclusive beats and grace commercial radio stations and internet news forums, worldwide. In 1999, Rec