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Added: 2014/10/13 8:17 pm smack /URL battle rap


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TSU SURF VS HITMAN HOLLA SMACK/ URL .  SMACK/ URL'S SUMMER MADNESS IS THE SUPER BOWL OF MC BATTLING. THIS BATTLE WAS AN ON-GOING GRUDGE MATCH BETWEEN ST.LOUIS'S HITMAN HOLLA AND NEWARK., NEW JERSEY'S TSU SURF. Battle rap (also known as battle rapping or battle rhyming[1]) is a type of rapping that includes a lot of braggadocio (bragging and boasting) content "combined with put-downs, insults, and disses against real or imaginary opponents".[1] Battling can occur on recorded albums, though ba
Added: 2014/10/07 12:11 pm daylyt-1-by-craig-barritt

Rapper Tries Pooping On Stage After Being Booed

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Rapper Tries Pooping On Stage After Being Booed [Read Story Below] Meet Daylyt: lyricist, battle rapper and… well, a guy who won’t take crap from anyone, apparently. The rapper participated in a battle rap over the weekend in Phoenix and it didn’t go his way from the start, with fans beginning to boo him as he stood on stage with a cloak over his face.
Added: 2014/09/26 6:33 am daylyt

Daylyt Smokes for the First Time with Snoop Dogg

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Daylyt Smokes for the First Time with Snoop Dogg on VLADTV. [See Story Below] Leading up to the monumental Gladiator School event hosted by Snoop Dogg and Murda Mook, Daylyt shared his very first smoking experience with none other than Snoop Dog
Added: 2014/09/06 1:38 pm Dizaster vs Cassidy Press Conference

Dizaster vs Cassidy Press Conference

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Cassidy and Dizaster participated in a press conference in Los Angeles yesterday (September 4) to hype their forthcoming Fresh Coast/FilmOn “Ether” battle, according to a story on Dizaster appeared on stage at the press conference for the event, which is scheduled for Los Angeles in December, while Cassidy appeared as a hologram. Fresh Coast’s Lush One introduced each rapper and Dizaster delivered a rap. Cassidy then declined to rap. “From that shit that Diz
Added: 2014/08/31 4:16 pm MurdaMook

Mook Wants 1 Million To Battle Jay Z

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IM A HARDCORE BATTLERAP FAN WHO LOVES THE CULTURE! Battle rap is a type of rapping that includes a lot of braggadocio (bragging and boasting) content "combined with put-downs, insults, and disses against real or imaginary opponents". Battling can occur on recorded albums, though battle raps are often recited or freestyled spontaneously in live battles, "where MCs will perform on the same stage to see who has the better verses". Battle rapping is described by 40 Cal in the book How to Rap a
Added: 2014/08/05 12:46 pm Murda Mook: I Feel Sorry For The Next Person Who Battles Loaded Lux

Murda Mook: I Feel Sorry For The Next Person Who Battles Loaded Lux

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Murda Mook (born John Ancrum) is one of the original rappers that performed under the SMACK/URL battle leage. He is known widely as a veteran and considered one of the greatest battle rappers of all time by big named artists such as P. Diddy himself. In his career, he has battled several other well esteemed competitors including Loaded Lux, and Iron Solomon. Although Murda Mook is a legend, he is also surrounded by controversy. Murda Mook is currently signed with Ruff Ryders music. He was
Added: 2014/07/25 6:25 pm T REX VS CORTEZ SMACK/ URL


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T REX VS CORTEZ SMACK/ URL I watched this battle and was expecting something classic, because of the history both T Rex and Cortez have as battle rappers.  I noticed from the start that the length of the video was not over 20 minutes. Every time Cortez was getting into his bars, Smack yelled "time".  I also heard Smack say that the battle rappers agreed to 2 minute per artist per round.  This battle could of been a whole l
Added: 2014/07/15 11:51 am sean001

Total Slaughter: Has Battle Rap Gone Mainstream?

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First, let me issue this disclaimer: I AM A PARTNER IN BATTLE RAP MEDIA. For those of you familiar with the Battle Rap culture you are fully aware of who Battle Rap Media is and what w
Added: 2014/07/10 7:54 am Ms. Fit Talks Budden Choking vs. Hollow

Ms. Fit Talks Budden vs. Hollow

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Ms. Fit spoke in depth about the upcoming battle between Joe Budden vs. Hollow Da Don (Vlad TV) in this clip from her exclusive interview with Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes. She began by stating that she thinks Hollow beat Lux, and also praised him for being the best in the world. Ms. Fit is confident that Hollow will defeat Joe, but also believes that Joe's lyrical abilities will allow him to potentially still do well. Fit also touched on the topic of ghostwriting for Joe, the infl
Added: 2014/06/29 8:12 pm diz-vs-math-featured-image

100 Bars Magazine Exclusive Footage! Dizaster v. Math Hoffa

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More unfolds in the waking hours of west-coast battle rap leagues "King of the Dot" BOLA5 battlerap event in which Eminem's reality TV series "Road to Total Slaughter" (FUSE TV) cast members faced off last night (June 28) in an unrelated grudge match that had already been a long time in the making. Dizaster (west coast native) and Math Hoffa (east coast native) gave many spectators more than expected when the highly anticipated battl
Added: 2014/06/11 7:25 pm U DUBB Presents: Annihilation 7/27

U DUBB Presents: Annihilation 7/27

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Join us July 27th for UDUBB Annihilation! an action packed Card with Top Tier Talent such as O Red, Shotgun Suge, Charlie Clipse, Tech 9, Osolo, and more! Even more matches to be announced during Draft league drops so stay tuned to YOUR UDUBBnetwork! Official Home Page Since 2012 the U DUBB Network (formally UW Battle League) has been on the for front of the battle culture. Seeing the growing popularity
Added: 2014/06/11 10:00 pm PREP VS DOT: Proving Grounds (URL)

PREP VS DOT: Proving Grounds (URL)

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Within the MC Battle Culture there is only one stage that validates all new talent; SMACK/ URL's Proving Grounds. This is a battle between two new PG upstarts DOT & PREP. Come out to the Proving Grounds on Sunday June 8th @ Tobacco Lounge 354 W 41st Btw 8th & 9th Ave NYC 21+ Over ID Is A Must $25 NOME 4 SATURDAY JUNE 7TH IN IRVING PLAZA 17 IRVING PLACE NYC - TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW WWW.NOME4.EVENTBRITE.COM OR CAN BE PURCHASED @ THE VENUE DAY OF THE EVENT. SMACK/URL (Ultimate Rap
Added: 2014/05/28 3:12 pm

MAGNUM MAN | N.O.M.E. 4 Blog

Views 2,502 Goodz Da Animal is at it again with a response blog to St. Louis rapper Ayeverb as he stars in MANGNUM MAN. The two top tier battle emcees have been stirring up the pot for weeks as they prepare for N.O.M.E. 4 N.O.M.E. 4 is right around the corner and Goodz Da Animal is preparing for his bout with AyeVerb. King Clive chops it up with Goodz as he speaks on the history and bad blo
Added: 2014/05/26 11:59 am

STAR [Live & Direct] - Best Of Part 4

Views 3,731 This is a compilation of STAR and some of his hilarious callers (Part 4) over the last year – enjoy. Editing by MD @md_ror Radio legend Troi Torain (STAR) always delivers hard-hitting objective truth. As a culture critic he is vicious, as a businessman he is relentless, as a luminary he is un-matched. Considered a radio pioneer by many, STAR has set precedents on the urban landscape and was recently inducted into News O
Added: 2014/05/22 10:05 am

Heavybag Talks With Michael Hughes (Part 1 & 2)

Views 4,751 VladTV journalist Michael Hughes has come a long way from being a mere fan of the sport of Battle Rap. After joining the VladTV team in early 2012, Michael quickly used his knowledge of the sport to bring fresh new content to the VladTV machine and expand its brand to a whole new avenue of viewers. Thanks to VladTV being one of the world's most renowned Hip-Hop websites, Hughes was able to bring the MC Battles Channel from ,
Added: 2014/05/21 8:42 am


Views 2,735 Media boss STAR stopped by the 15 Minutes Of Fame station (Bayonne, New Jersey) to chop it up with Heavy Bags about battle rap and other things. The HeavyBag Show – Every Thursday 8-10pm (EST) Some of the Most Notable Legends, Deepest Interviews, Hottest Independent Artists & Battle Rappers, and on the Rise Entertainers. Influenced by Hip Hop icons such as the Wu-tang Clan, Redman and Nas, HeavyBag worked for years perfecting and i , ,
Added: 2014/05/12 9:16 pm


Views 3,772 The Leaders of MC Battle Culture are back with the fourth installment of their ever popular NOME event; taking place at New York City's Irving Plaza on Saturday June 7th. The night has some of URL's biggest stars such as T-Rex, Ill Will, Charlie Clips, DNA, Ayeverb, Goodz, Cortez, Ms Hustle, Gatta, Tay Roc, John John Da Don, B Magic , Big T and the long awaited return of Reed Dollaz. Tickets are on sale NOW!!! DONT MISS HISTOR ,
Added: 2014/05/12 2:39 am

Sky Soprano feat Cortez & E - Rilla

Views 2,833 If there's one thing Sky Soprano is about, it's loyalty. That's why it was no question "Lies" would be the next official Drama Dot Kom video. In a industry full of dishonesty and untruths, we will forever respect the real. This video is for those who talk what they live, and live it well. It features cameos from Cortez and Rilla! These verses you'll be sure to remember! This is t ,
Added: 2014/05/07 6:56 am

Doghouse Radio With Karma Kane

Views 2,339 BATTLE RAPPER KARMA KANE GOES IN ON EVERYBODY! ALSO RICH MO AND NEW ARTIST YOLI STOP BY TO TALK NEW SINGLE AND TWERKING. Doghouse Radio was founded in the Bronx NY by Glama aka “King of Radio” the summer of 2008, a time when the underground movement was on the rise. Creating a lane and a platform for the unsigned artist to showcase their raw and uncut talents earned Glama the respect and loyalty within th
Added: 2014/05/02 12:37 pm

Queen Of The Ring - NO HOLDS BARRED - JUNE 28TH

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  QOTR (Queen of the Ring) battle rap league has put together a card with some of the best female emcees in the game. The "No Holds Barred" event presents battle rap cultur
Added: 2014/04/26 9:03 pm


Views 4,588 SMACK/ URL links up with A3C (the worlds biggest HipHop festival) to host an MC Battle event in Atlanta. Subscribe to our channel and log on to daily. FOLLOW: @SMACK @URLTV @BEASLEYNYC @STREETSTARNORBE @THISISTWIZZ @RAIN910 @NUNU_NELLZ @2_TM SMACK/URL (Ultimate Rap League) is one of the first and original battle rap legues. Their motto is “follow the innovators not the imitators” followed by the familiar “s