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Added: 2014/10/21 1:29 am Indiana Pacers Paul George

Pacer's Paul George Shoots Around After Practice

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Pacer's Paul George Shoots Around After Practice. Paul George is bouncing back from the injury with the quickness. Paul Cliftonantho George (born May 2, 1990)[1] is an American professional basketball player for the Indiana Pacers of the National Basketball Association (NBA). George played high school basketball for Knight High School before pl
Added: 2014/08/27 8:31 am ice-bucket-challenge-ftr

Notable Celebrities like Oprah take part in new Challenge!

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A new challenge worth talking about named the Ice Bucket challenge, Here’s how it works: The challenge is issued to either dump a bucket of ice water on your head or donate $100 to the ALS Association. It’s nice to have an option, and theoretically, the cause benefits regardless of how your respond. The challenge has certainly managed to raise awareness for the cause, as dozens of celebrities have gotten on board. Oprah, J.Lo, Drake, Team USA Baketball, (below) to name a few. ,
Added: 2014/08/18 11:03 am 201408012207796754367

Another Team USA star, DeMarcus Cousins injured during play!

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CHICAGO – Near the end of their first practice together since Paul George broke his leg, Team USA players nervously watched another player go down. DeMarcus Cousins injured his right knee after tangling with tw ,
Added: 2014/07/29 7:41 pm Venus Williams And Shaquille O'Neal Visit "FOX & Friends"

Shaquille O Neal beef's with 2K15!!!

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Though a sketchy Future remix from last year purported otherwise, former Los Angeles Laker Shaquille O'Neal hasn't really had much of music career since the , ,
Added: 2014/07/08 10:00 pm lebron-james-dan-gilbert

Cleveland Owner Removes His Angry Letter Toward Lebron James From The Team Website

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The Cleveland Cavaliers must be serious about bringing LeBron James back to town. After almost four years, the team’s website has taken down owner Dan
Added: 2014/06/11 7:35 pm fisher

Derek Fisher Agrees To Coach NY Knicks

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Derek Fisher Agrees To Coach NY Knicks I guess if you're going to be fined for tampering, you might as well sign him up. Derek Fisher has reportedly agreed to coach the NY Knicks beginning next season. 5 ye ,
Added: 2014/06/11 10:12 pm heat-533x3001

Can The San Antonio Spurs Get Revenge?

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Can The San Antonio Spurs Get Revenge? The rematch. I'm glad it took so long for the first game to come just so Tony Parker's hamstring had a decent amount of time to heal. Despite the fact that the Miami Heat going for
Added: 2014/06/11 11:25 pm heat-533x3001

Rematch! Heat/Spurs To Once Again Play In The Finals

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Rematch! Heat/Spurs To Once Again Play In The Finals This series won't possibly be better than last year's.....will it? We shall see as last year's finalists will go at it again to claim NBA supremacy. OKC gave it a good ride once they sh ,
Added: 2014/05/26 8:54 am

Serge Ibaka's Return Spurs OKC's Win Over San Antonio

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 Serge Ibaka's Return Spurs OKC's Win Over San Antonio What a difference a big man can make. But will he actually change the course of the series? How effective can he be the NEXT game? I'm sure that calf is barking this morning! Story Below: Serge Ibaka pointed to the sky, soaking in the cheers from the adoring home crowd moments before coming out of a game that, just a few days earlier, he never imagined he could play. He s
Added: 2014/05/23 3:25 pm

Can Serge Ibaka Return For The Spurs Series?

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Can Serge Ibaka Return For The Spurs Series?  What happens when you get crushed in the first two games of a series and it's obvious you can't win without your big man who is supposed to miss the rest of the playoffs? 1. After the first loss the team says that he "could" return if they make the Finals. 2. After the second loss(which is a blowout) you rush him to the trainer's room, shoot him up with something(allegedly) wrap a couple of ace bandage
Added: 2014/05/20 9:17 am

Lebron James Is On His Own!

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Lebron James Is On His Own!   So here we are, Pacers/Heat, and if you saw Game 1 it's easy to say that it's just one game and it's a seven game series, but this is the team that Indiana WANTED to play. They won the first game of a series for the first time in the playoffs this year.....AGAINST THE DEFENDING CHAMPIONS! As bad as George Hill has looked, he will not be exposed by the Chalmers/Cole combo at the point. Chris Bosh doesn't play well against Indiana
Added: 2014/05/19 9:05 am

The NY Knicks Want...Derek Fisher?

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The NY Knicks Want...Derek Fisher?  Here is another reason why Phil Jackson the team president is not the same as Phil Jackson the coach. Jackson was so convinced that he had Steve Kerr in the bag that he had no Plan B. His second choice is not only a player, but it's Derek Fisher, someone who is playing TONIGHT! I don't know whether or not Derek Fisher can do the job, but... 1. Jackson obviously feels compelled to hire someone who HAS TO KNOW T
Added: 2014/05/18 6:13 am

Is This The Last Shot For The Oklahoma City Thunder?

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Is This The Last Shot For The Oklahoma City Thunder? And just think, this article was written BEFORE it was reported that Serge Ibaka will probably miss the rest of the playoffs with a calf injury. Russell Westbrook, for all of his explosiveness, has had 3 surgeri
Added: 2014/05/16 9:41 am

Indiana Pacers & OKC Thunder Win/ In Final 4

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Indiana Pacers & OKC Thunder Win/ In Final 4 Story Below: LOS ANGELES -- When the Oklahoma City Thunder were down by 16 points and struggling to make any shot early in Game 6, they looked all but ready to fold up and head home for a series-deciding finale. Instead, Kevin Durant shouldered the Thunder and carried them into the fourth quarter, where they demonstrated the poise of a championship contender. Durant had 39 points
Added: 2014/05/14 10:44 am

OKC Stuns LA Clippers,Go Up 3-2, Doc Rivers Whines

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OKC Stuns LA Clippers, Go Up 3-2, Doc Rivers Whines  The thing is, I really like Chris Paul and I want him to at least get to the Finals. Even if he can choke at the weirdest times. When you're a great point guard, you usually at least get to the conference championship(which Paul hasn't done). But I really don't like Doc Rivers. Did the refs blow a call? Sure. They always do. But the Clippers should have never put themselves in the position to be at the merc
Added: 2014/05/11 6:22 am

Ex-NBA Star Tracy McGrady Makes Baseball Debut!

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Ex-NBA Star Tracy McGrady Makes Baseball Debut! What is Tracy McGrady, a 7-time NBA All-Star/2-time scoring champion, to do when he's no longer physically able to play basketball? Play baseball! He didn't do so well, but hey, anything to not be home all day huh? In case you were wondering, no he did not play baseball in college...because he didn't go to college. BTW - If Mitch Richmond can make the Basketball Hall of Fame, McGrady can make it.
Added: 2014/05/07 11:13 am

"Could'a Been" - The Hard Fall Of Lenny Cooke

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"Could'a Been" The Hard Fall Of Lenny Cooke Everybody from every city can think of a rising basketball teenage legend that should have made it to the pros. The thing is, Lenny Cooke was RIGHT THERE! He wasn't just street rumor, he was in publications across the country as THE #1 high school basketball player at a time when Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony(who he was trying to SON!) were on the high school scene. If you saw the Lenny Cooke documentary, it was amazi
Added: 2014/05/06 11:53 am

Kevin Durant Wins MVP!

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Kevin Durant Wins MVP!  In one of the worst kept NBA secrets, Kevin Durant of the OKC Thunder easily beat out Miami Heat's Lebron James to win his first MVP award for the 2013-14 season. Thank goodness they beat the Memphis Grizzlies(without Zach Randolph) because to have an MVP not make it to the second round and be able to hoist up the trophy at home during a playoff game sucks......ask Dirk Nowitzki.   Story Below: OKLAHOMA CITY -
Added: 2014/04/28 10:26 am

Donald Sterling - A Fan's Worst Nightmare

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Donald Sterling - A Fan's Worst Nightmare  Great...the best 1st round of playoffs in the history of the league, and now this. First off, there has always been rumblings of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling being racist. It's an open secret. I just never understood why then-commissioner David Stern was always worried about how the players looked(i.e. - wear a suit when you travel, tuck in your jersey, make sure YOUR SNEAKERS MATCH THE UNIFORM!). What I wa ,
Added: 2014/04/25 9:53 am

Grizzlies, Hawks, Clippers Go Up 2-1

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Grizzlies, Hawks, Clippers Go Up 2-1  This is the craziest 1st round I've ever seen. Just imagine if the NBA still did the best 3 out of 5(which they should go back to). Other than the Heat, every other favored team is AT LEAST on shaky ground, with the Houston Rockets on the verge of being swept.  I wish I could have gotten Davis West talking at the post-game press conference talking about Roy Hibbert needs to believe his team has c
Added: 2014/04/24 8:59 am

Houston Rockets Go Down 0-2 To Trailblazers

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Houston Rockets Go Down 0-2 To Trailblazers  No, there will be no HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM! phrases(I guess that counts huh?). Dwight Howard was scoring like a the first quarter. But Trailblazers LaMarcus Aldridge has been scoring like a madman this entire series as he scored 43 points(89 in two games) to send Portland back home up 2-0 after winning both games in Houston. Dwight Howard will never be an all-time great. You just can'