Moms Meet To Duel 1 Shot & Killed

Moms Meet To Duel 1 Shot & Killed

BRUSHFORK, VIRGINIA - Two mothers’ text message argument over a schoolbus fight between their daughters escalated into a Wild West-style duel and only one woman walked away alive.

Judith Kowaleski, 42, told police a fight began between herself and Elizabeth Slagle on Thursday evening.

Kowaleski said it stemmed from an earlier argument that occurred between the two women’s daughters as they rode the bus home from school.

WVVA reports that text messages and phone calls between Kowaleski, Slagle, and Kowaleski’s aunt identified as Barbra Harrington.

At one point, according to the police report, Kowaleski gave the phone to Harrington, who continued the exchange with Slagle.

Though police are still awaiting a warrant in order to read the messages, something was said that took the argument to a far more dangerous level.

Harrington suddenly told Kowaleski she was to meet Slagle at a designated point somewhere between their Bluefield, West Virginia homes.

She also told Kowaleski to arm herself.

She did as she was told and grabbed a handgun.

The two women walked to the end of their road, where they met Slagle.

More arguing about the children ensued and at one point, the report alleges, Slagle claimed she had a gun and would shoot Kowaleski.

A witness at the scene, identified in reports as Kowaleski's boyfriend George Slagle, claimed Elizabeth Slagle used Taser on Kowaleski and Harrington.

George Slagle also told officials that his girlfriend fired the shot that eventually killed Slagle, though the relationship between the two Slagle remains unknown.

It was while being Tasered, Kowaleski told officials, when she ‘just tried to get [Slagle] off, and the gun went off.’

It is unclear if that shot wounded Slagle or if there was a second shot that struck the 42-year-old because Kowaleski’s account also claims she tried to walk away and Slagle lunged at her and it was at that point that Kowaleski shot Slagle.

According to the report, the shooting occurred sometime prior to 10pm on March 28.

The report states that a witness arrived at the scene to find Kowaleski and Harrington administering CPR to Slagle in a roadway.

Slagle was taken to a nearby hospital and pronounced dead from a gunshot wound to the chest.

Investigators would subsequently find the alleged murder weapon in Kowaleski’s home.

Kowaleski is being held on a first degree murder charge with no bail set.

Source: MailOnline


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