Teen Kills Grandpa Then Shops!

Teen Kills Grandpa Then Shops!

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -19-year-old William Strickland is accused of killing his grandfather and namesake, William Strickland, robbing him and reportedly using the money for tattoos, a cell phone and sneakers.

"Young people usually love their grandparents and it stunned me that it was the grandson that did it," said a Brainerd resident who wanted to remain anonymous.

The resident was shocked, just like many others that FOX 32's Tisha Lewis interviewed, who learned the younger Strickland is charged with shooting his grandfather six times.

The 72 year old was gunned down earlier this month as he was en route to an early morning weekly dialysis appointment.

Neighbors remember him as a man who watered his grass often and always had a smile.

"To hear anything like that, it's just like whoa," said another resident who wanted to remain anonymous.

The 19 year old is described as someone who was quiet and kept to himself.

"Mysterious, every day person, real quiet and mysterious, just would see him out with his girlfriend, around, just walking around, quiet guy," said the resident.

"He sort of stayed to himself and he wasn't really close to him anyway," said Michael Shears.

Neighbors say the teen lived with his grandfather inside this home.

A construction crew next door says family members have been gone since Friday.

Nearby residents say they've seen Strickland several times since the fatal shooting and never suspected he was the accused killer, but court documents reportedly say the teen is a self-professed gang member.

That is, a gang member with no reported criminal background, until now.

Source: MyFoxChicago 


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