Star On T-Rex vs Math (Rematch)

Star On T-Rex vs Math (Rematch)

Star stopped by our VladTV office to share his predictions for the upcoming Killaz Battle League event.

The Killaz Battle event will take place on May 11th at Club Element located at 225 E. Houston St, NYC.

Doors to the event will open at 3pm. If you'd like to purchase tickets prior to the day of the event, visit

They're on sale for $30 if you buy them prior to the battle.

Tickets are $40 if you'd like to purchase them at the door. It is a 21-and-over event only so ID is a MUST.

The under-card will feature a battle between Bigg K vs Shotgun Suge and Hanz vs Iron Sheikh.

Also on the card will be performances from Styles P and Loaded Lux.

Star has been a heavily involved in battle rap for years and will be hosting the event.

For those who don't know, he actually hosted the first battle between Math Hoffa vs T-Rex, and now he gets to be a part of their battle history once again for the rematch.

Star chopped it up about how he feels the rematch will play out and also shared his opinion on the highly anticipated undercard battle between Shotgun Suge vs Bigg K, and the gritty match-up between Hanz vs Iron Sheikh.

Battle rapping, which can be freestyled, is the competition between two or more rappers in front of an audience. The tradition of insulting one’s friends or acquaintances in rhyme goes back to the dozens, and was portrayed famously by Muhammad Ali in his boxing matches. The winner of a battle is decided by the crowd and/or preselected judges. According to Kool Moe Dee, a successful battle rap focuses on an opponent’s weaknesses, rather than one’s own strengths.

freestyle battle is a contest in which two or more rappers compete or "battle" each other using improvised lyrics. It is a prominent part of hip hop culture.

In a freestyle battle, each competitor's goal is to "diss" their opponent through clever lyrics and wordplay, with heavy emphasis being placed upon the rapper's improvisational ability. Many battles also include metaphorically violent imagery, complementing the "battling" atmosphere. It is considered dishonorable or shameful to recite pre-written or memorized raps during a freestyle battle, because it shows the rapper to be incapable of "spitting" spur-of-the-moment lyrics. A live audience is key, as a large part of "winning" a battle is how an audience responds to each rapper. Appointed judges may be used in formal contests, but in most cases the rapper who receives the largest audience response is viewed as the victor.

In modern times, with the rise of leagues such as King of the Dot and Ultimate Rap League, most battles are written with some freestyling incorporated into the verses. This allows for more intricate rhymes and insults.

The idea of such poetic battles has a long history that can be found in genres of poetry such as Haikai and flyting.As hip-hop evolved in the early 1980s, many rappers gained their fame through freestyle battles. Battles can take place anywhere: informally on street corners, on stage at a concert, at a school, or at event specifically meant for battling (such as Scribble Jam or the Blaze Battle).


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