Real Baby Mamas Of Richmond!

Real Baby Mamas Of Richmond!

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA - The first thing you should know about the new cable access series “The Real Babymamas of Richmond” is that it is real.

It is a real show that premiered in Richmond (on cable access) on Monday, June 17.

The second thing you should know about “The Real Babymamas of Richmond” is, like it or hate it, the ladies behind the show are clearly onto something.

By the time the show premiered on Monday night, itsFacebook fan page had gone from a few hundred likes to a few thousand and its fan engagement from a couple dozen per post to a few hundred.

And, of course, the show and the hashtag (#TRBMOR) were trending on Twitter last night.

Clearly, “The Real Babymamas of Richmond” is a concept that has an audience. And clearly, if the show garnered that much interest locally, the ladies could one day take it national. I assume that’s the point - “The Real Babymamas of Richmond” on Bravo.

And why shouldn’t it be?

According to the show’s creator and CEO, Aretha Lewis "Pumpkin aka BIG SEXY," via its website, “The purpose of my show is nothing other than a positive message … We encourage all to support and help put RVA on the map.”

But ladies, after watching last night’s premiere, I have to tell you – you need some help.

You’re onto something with the concept, but the execution needs a little … um, work.

I support the positive message.

Numbers came out last week reporting that 60 percent of all Richmond households are single-parent households; 86 percent for the African American community alone.

We all know those single-parents are primarily women. It’s about time something on television reflected real life for Richmonders.

And I’m also a big proponent of the idea that art of any kind is meant to reflect the artist’s life and point of view, not what someone else thinks the masses want to see.

If your life and day-to-day is single-parenting in an apartment with cinderblock walls, to me, there is value in sharing that perspective.

So ladies, I’m a fan of the idea and the mission. But the execution …

Let’s talk about the execution.

The medium. Ladies, you picked the medium. You could’ve started a blog called “The Real Babymamas of Richmond” or a Twitter account or a podcast. You picked television. You picked video, which means you’re responsible for shooting and producing a watchable video.

Which brings me to … your cameraman.

Is the cameraman a character on the show? Is he a babymama? Is he someone’s father? Really, no one cares. He needs to shut his hole and focus on keeping that camera still. We don’t know who he is and we don’t care.

That said … if someone new is going to appear in a shot, say by trotting themselves in front of the camera to chase  around who appears to be the lead character, an introduction is in order. Or at least an explanation. Manners, people.

Microphones. Get some! Please get some. Invest in some lavaliers and mic-up everyone who’s going to be talking – or, reach out to area production companies and get them lend them in exchange for an ad in your show …

Speaking of ads in your show … I think you can cut the random, inaudible 30 second comedy routine and arbitrary music video, because no one understands why they’re there.

Now back to mics. Until you get them, or even once you have them, maybe a talking stick is in order. One camera-mic plus a large room plus 10 feet of distance plus nine people screaming equals OMG, I CANNOT HEAR.

The bicycle. Really, what happened with the bicycle? Can someone call me and tell me? Dying to know.

Finally, the characters.  You seem to have some great ones!

I love the names and the personalities and dynamics just waiting to emerge, but if a dozen or so of the characters are just going to sit outside of frame occasionally yelling and screwing up the audio, perhaps you can cut five or 10 of them out of the cast.

Maybe a special Survivor-style episode?

May the best babymama win?!

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  1. Anonymous Hate says:

    If you peep the credits at the end, Jermaine O’Neal is the executive producer…THE Jermaine O’neal? Please miss me with this bullish…

  2. Slim Lancaster says:

    Lmao! This hit a new level of ratchetness.. Applaud them for this fuckery.

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