Mom Punished Son With Stun Gun

Mom Punished Son With Stun Gun

A 32-year-old mother from Pflugerville, Texas has been arrested for allegedly tasing her 14-year old son as punishment on multiple occasions.

Kimira Hysaw's 4-year old daughter went to school last week and blew up the spot with regards to her big brother getting in trouble and being tased by their  mother.

When questioned by police she went on to say that the taser was kept in "mommy's purse".

Further investigation showed that Kimira had tased the teen on other occasions as he gets into to trouble constantly and sometimes she doesn't know where he is a claim that was corroborated by another sibling in the home.

The teen also had 44 referrals at school.

She was arrested over the weekend and charged with injury to a child.

She has since bonded out.

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PFLUGERVILLE, TEXAS - A Pflugerville mom is arrested for allegedly punishing her son by shocking him with a stun gun.

According to court documents, a four-year old Pflugerville girl known as "K" told her teacher last week that her 14-year-old brother got in trouble and was "tased" four times by their mother, 32-year-old Kimira Hysaw.

When questioned by police, the girl picked out a pink crayon and drew what officers understood to be a stun gun similar to this one.

The child went onto say the "taser" as she called it is kept in mommy's purse.

And she was more specific about what happened. Stating her brother went to play basketball without permission.

As punishment she said her dad held him down while mom, "tased" him on the head, arms, back and legs.

Officers questioned another sibling in the household who stated that his brother does not come home sometimes and gets "tased."

At that point, officers met with the 14-year-old victim.

They noted two injuries to his upper right arm, and one injury to his upper right back. Consistent, they say with a stun gun marking or burn.

Gun store owner Michael Cargill sells stun guns for self-defense.

"You touch a person with this stun gun it's going to burn the skin, you're going to smell burnt skin and it's probably going to make you urinate," Cargill said.

An operating manual says stunning the assailant for one to two seconds will cause muscle spasms and a dazed mental state.

Three to five seconds could result in loss of balance and muscle control.

"It's a terrible thing that someone would actually use that to discipline their child," Cargill said.

When questioned about the incident, Hysaw only said she "threatened" her son with her stun gun.

She was arrested over the weekend and charged with injury to a child. She has since bonded out.

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services cannot comment on this case.

A spokesperson says in a case similar this one, CPS would try to find appropriate family or family friend to care for the children during the time CPS works with the family to ensure the children's safety.

According to CPS, last year schools were responsible for reporting 18 percent of abuse cases.

Source: MyFoxAustin


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