Man Pulls Loaded Gun In Cop Car

Man Pulls Loaded Gun In Cop Car

Two Minneapolis police officers were taking a man who was obviously twisted home as a courtesy after he was allegedly seen harassing a young woman.

During the course of the ride the man is seen fidgeting and appearing to look for something.

Clearly the brown juice took over because right there in the back of the patrol car this fool pulls out a loaded handgun and begins to make noise which puts one officer on alert.

Eventually the officer realized the man is holding a gun and jumps out of the car to put the man in handcuffs and retrieve the gun that they should have found when they originally patted him down!

The officer can be heard cussing the man out from the time he retrieves the gun up until he is handcuffiing the drunk!

Story Below:

MINNEAPOLIS - 21-year old Wesley Rogers was reportedly seen harassing a young woman at 7th St S and Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis.

LiveLeak reports that Metro Transit Officers Jason Malland and Adam Marvin, who were assigned on a detail in the area, responded to the call and found Rogers "obviously intoxicated."

The drunken Rogers was patted down by the police officers, who gracefully confiscated the open bottle of booze on his person before simply offering Rogers a ‘courtesy ride’ home.

Rogers rode calmly for a bit in the back of the police vehicle, slurring a few words and feeling around inside the front of his clothing.

The video shows the officer in the passenger’s seat reacting to ‘clunking’ noises in the back, asking Rogers to “stop kicking stuff.”

After a few moments, and a “my bad” from Rogers, the arrestee pulled out a "loaded .38 revolver."

The two officers jumped on Rogers quickly, holding him down and handcuffing him.

Source: OpposingViews


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Though they were able to tie Rogers up without a bullet being fired is commendable, they’re certainly getting beef for not having found the weapon much earlier.

Footage was captured on a surveillance camera in the squad car’s rear seat.

Source: OpposingViews

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  1. K Dubb says:

    U cant teach stupid…

  2. K Dubb says:

    U cant teach stupid…

  3. K Dubb says:

    U cant teach stupid…

  4. K Dubb says:

    U cant teach stupid…

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    shit scary

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    shit scary

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    shit scary

  8. 3rdworldhustlah says:

    shit scary

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