Chris Brown & Rihanna Are A Wrap

Chris Brown & Rihanna Are A Wrap

"No Love Allowed?" It appears as though Chris Brown and Rihanna's public love feast has come to an end.

In a recent March 29 interview with LA's Power 106 DJ Big Boi, Chris Brown said "No," he and Rihanna are NOT dating.

The radio station tweeted:

While the short answer regarding his relationship is "No," Brown also disclosed that he has not seen the "Diamonds" singer in weeks, "since before she left for tour."  Is Chris just preparing for his new album, "X"?  Will he and Rihanna reclaim their romance once both of their careers collide again?

Several media outlets reported Friday that Chris Brown was seen in Miami, "pulling multiple hot women into his V.I.P section and serving them Hennessy V.S cocktails," according to Hollywood Life; however Chris's Miami weekend was not mentioned as the cause of the break-up.

Rihanna is the Instagram Queen and she often shares details about her life, including pictures of her and her "bestfriend" Chris Brown.

The last Photos Rihanna published of she and Brown were from here birthday in Hawaii, prior to launching for "Diamonds World Tour."

Chris also address the last time her saw Rihanna in the interview with Big Boi.  Brown said: "I plead the 5th.

You know I didn't lie to you man, I just didn't tell the truth. 

Man it has been a minute though, cuz I haven't had a chance to go out there on the tour yet.

Cuz I've been working, but I seen her right before she went out."

Check out the exclusive interview with Big Boi and Chris Brown.

As soon as you press play, Brown says: He and Rihanna are not dating.

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