C3 vs PRECYSE (Rap Battle)

C3 vs PRECYSE (Rap Battle)

Michael Atkinson, a  fan of battle rap and supporter of Queen of the Ring reached out to us and wrote an article from his perspective.  Below is his view on this particular battle.


By: Michael Atkinson

Bars. Wordplay. Aggression. Crowd Reactions. These are just a few of the tools used to achieve ultimate supremacy in the forum known as Queen of the Ring.

On February 23rd, inside 400 Liberty Avenue in Brooklyn, NY female battle rappers showcased their lyrical abilities, and charisma, in winner-take-all matches for bragging rights, and on occasion, to put their opponents in a “body bag”, signifying a complete victory.

The event, hosted by owners Vague, Babs Bunny and Debo, titled “Evolution”, showcased 14 of the best female battle rappers on the circuit today.

As these particular battles indicated, some battles went strictly for pride, while others had grudges to settle.

The lineup, with each match, brought a different element in its own right, almost emulating a UFC prizefight.

Whether through history, old, unsettled grudges, or just pure hatred between camps and/or entourages, these story lines couldn’t be any better scripted, or be more intense, from the rest of the stellar card.

Another unique element to the event was Star, of the Star & Buc Wild brand, and Battle Rap media sponsoring the QB vs. Don Ladyii battle.

As he stated on his YouTube show, he wanted to help expand the brand of female battle rap, and bring in corporate sponsorship.

With a healthy crowd of battle rap aficionados, and Star & Buc Wild in the building, the night promised (and delivered) one of the signature battle events of 2013.

C3 vs. Precyse

1st battle of the night belonged to C3 from Queens, and Precyse from Maryland.

This battle stemmed from a previous three-way battle between C3, Precyse, and Ms. Miami. Precyse, unfortunately, couldn’t make the battle due to being involved in an accident, but that didn’t stop C3 to aim a few shot in her direction.

This battle lit the opening salvo for the evening’s event, and thankfully, it did not disappoint.

Synopsis (*** ½) {C3 won 2-0-1)

In my opinion, this was a great choice to open the show.

Both these ladies came hard and vicious from their opening rounds and never really lost their intensities. In the 1st round, Precyse came out swinging, making sure to establish a tempo she thought C3 couldn’t match.

Taking shots at Vixen, and Ms. Miami at the beginning, she then aimed all her rage at C3, even at times making C3 recognize the girl was not playing around with her bars.

C3, on the other hand, showed why she could be a legitimate player in the main event scene very soon, along with Precyse. She combated Precyse’s venom with her own brand of slick bars and wordplay.

That 1st rd., to me, was a straight draw down the middle, as no one could KO the other.

The 2nd and 3rd rds., I must say, though both ladies went at each other, C3 clearly established herself as the eventual winner.

Her wordplay was able to stave off any momentum Precyse tried to gain. If Precyse was graded an 8/10 for her rounds, C3 got an 8.5 or 9.

All in all, this was a main-event worthy battle that was worth the price of admission.

Best Bars:


  • Give this cunt a punch, like “Hi, C” (Hi-C)
  • This rainbow gon get boxed up, now that’s Crayola.
  • Maybe if your name was C4, you’d be a bit more explosive.


  • C3 and Miami had that ass shaking like King of the Diamonds
  • She thinks she hot & spicy, well imma have to dip her nugget.
  • Maya Angelou, still I rise, no, Maya Angelou, Steel I rise
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