Bill Clinton Has A Biracial Son?

bill_clinton_sonBill Clinton Has A Biracial Son?

The old rumor that resurfaced in 1999 about former President Bill Clinton fathering a son with an african-american woman who was allegedly a hooker has reared its ugly head again.

In 1992 Bobbie Ann Williams told the Star Magazine that Danney Lee Williams, Jr. was conceived during a paid sexual encounter with the former President and she allegedly passed a lie detector test.

While the former President has yet to respond to the rumors they are running rampant and since America watched him lie like a rug when he denied having an affair with Monica Lewinsky many believe this young man from Little Rock, Arkansas is indeed Bill Clinton’s son.

Combine that with the fact the former President has a history of being unable to keep it in his pants this very old claim is not so far-fetched!

Story Below:

LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS – A 27-year-old man from Arkansas is claiming he is Bill Clinton’s secret son…

From Globe Magazine

Bill Clinton has a secret son he fathered with a hooker – and the now 27-year-old young man is desperate to meet his biological dad.

In a bombshell exclusive interview, Danney Lee Williams Jr., the love child the then-governor of Arkansas conceived with ‘working girl’ Bobbie Ann Williams, tells GLOBE he fears Clinton, 66, who’s battling heart disease and also suffers from Parkinson’s, will pass away before they can meet.

“I read he doesn’t have long to live and I want to meet him face to face before he dies,” says Danney, who lives in Little Rock Ark.

“I just want to shake his hand and say, “Hi Dad,’ before he dies. I’d like to have a relationship with Chelsea, too. She’s my half-sister.”

Danney also wants Clinton to acknowledge and meet his five children, who he says are the former President’s only grandchildren and range in age from 10 years to just 4 months old.

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William Jefferson ”Bill” Clinton (born William Jefferson Blythe III; August 19, 1946) is an American politician who served as the 42nd President of the United States from 1993 to 2001. Inaugurated at age 46, he was the third-youngest president. He took office at the end of the Cold War, and was the first president of the baby boomer generation. Clinton has been described as a New Democrat. Many of his policies have been attributed to acentrist Third Way philosophy of governance. Before becoming president he was the Governor of Arkansas serving two non-consecutive tenures from 1979 to 1981 and from 1983 to 1992.

Clinton has been subject to several allegations of sexual misconduct, though he has only admitted extramarital relationships with Monica Lewinsky and Gennifer Flowers.

In 1994, Paula Jones brought a sexual harassment lawsuit against Clinton, claiming he made unwanted advances in 1991, which he denied. The case was initially dismissed, but Jones appealed. During the deposition for the Jones lawsuit, which was held at the White House,Clinton denied having sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky – a denial that became the basis for the impeachment charge of perjury. He later agreed to an out-of-court settlement and paid $850,000.His attorney Bob Bennett stated that he only made the settlement so he could end the lawsuit for good and move on with his life.

In 1992, nude model and actress Gennifer Flowers stated that she had a relationship with Clinton that began in 1980.Flowers at first denied that she had an affair with Clinton, but later changed her story. Clinton admitted that he had a sexual encounter with Flowers.

In 1998, Kathleen Willey alleged Clinton groped her in a hallway in 1993. An independent counsel determined Willey gave “false information” to the FBI, inconsistent with sworn testimony related to the Jones allegation. Also in 1998, Juanita Broaddrick alleged Clinton had raped her though she did not remember the exact date, which may have been 1978. In another 1998 event,Elizabeth Ward Gracen recanted a six-year-old denial and stated she had a one night stand with Clinton in 1982.  Gracen later apologized to Hillary Clinton.Throughout the year, however, Gracen eluded a subpoena from Kenneth Starr to testify her claim in court.


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  • Dee Johnson

    kinda look alike

  • Li

    It’s possible. We’ll see.

  • Fuck You

    Wow, I’ve heard of some shady stories from Clitin’s past (the Ives-Henry murders/cover-up and numerous others come to mind) but this one is news to me. I’m convinced, the resemblance is striking and the fact that the alleged son has 5 kids at age 27 is all the proof I need…