Stephon Fareal “Hammer On Table”

Stephon Fareal “Hammer On Table”

Stephon Fahreal is a 23 year old Energy Consultant and Recording Artist  from Southside Jamaica Queens, New York.

He provides jobs/careers for Unemployed New yorkers 6 days a week thru GGC CONSULTING INC.

He has performed @ WEBSTER HALL for coast2coast mixtape Showcase * He has performed @ Club Diesel in Pittsburgh

He has two singles out on and iTunes titled ” THE WAY UP ” and Put Down your Weapon

He has a production deal with KXMNYC productions for 3 videos coming as well as a Reality Show in the works.

He is performing @ club pyramid this Wed night @ 9pm in NYC

He is booked thru major stage booking for 5 concerts in NYC

He is performing @ a benefit concert in New Hyde Park NY in April  @ THE DUBLIN PUB for Brian Johnson & the Johnson Family

He is going on a canadian tour with Illseed Entertainment & PMD in July 20 shows 20 cities

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  • robert

    WOW , flashbacks of real shit !!

  • Lilly

    great video , cool story

  • Fahreal

    With a Big Stack!!!


    southside niggas dont play

  • ms21st_ofAug

    Queens all day! Best of luck to him.

  • Emoney

    U ALREADY ! Southside Anthem 4 REAL …

  • Coolmandingo305

    shouldve spent money on fixing his TEEF! niggers! smh

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  • YourMoMztastelikebacon

    these niggas is real cant say the same to the bitch ass nigga from 305

  • Wellzflow

    Yo 111 we made it. GGC all day. We need haters…

  • BarbieShotz

    No one on this site has a flow like him . He has songs on iTunes. Swag

  • NSTarzWeTrust

    JOJO Simmons need to hola at these guys asap

  • FMoReB1s

    the homies on iTunes already yo , who is this nigga wit? GGC ? never heard of em b4 but this homie got that fire on deck .

  • KillahBeez152

    Baisley all day SOUTHSIDE WE BACK !!!!!

  • tracyM

    Big Stack cutie ,downloaded allz ya muzic on itunes stephon fahreal

  • megamu12

    son shit is hot!

  • PromNiteDumpsterBaby

    That nigga Deebo son.Noone in NY is real anymore so stop it you new ass niggas.Dumb niggas in NY claim Piru and Damu which are streets that don’t exist in your state “real” dumb ass copy cattin ass niggas!

  • BareFace killah

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    • YaMomsLovesMe

      damn son sound like u need a tissue

  • mimi343

    this niggaz FIRE! Southside All day son !


    Download the WUN CHAIN SHAYNE by STEPHON FAHREAL on iTunes , we been hearing this track for a month down in Columbia SC 29210 in the CHECK IN what it do NY ?

  • Dirtbag

    This shit goes hard

  • Community B.R.E.A.D.

    Like Walter Reid said, Its too many gangsters in the west wanna be rappers, Too many rappers on the East wanna be gangsters. Its a cool rap i guess.

  • cuntfucker305

    regardless , this guys good

  • 305PERICO

    Stephon Fahreals all over 305 , seen that nigga with two white bitches . this nigga always in a picture with two bitches