YouTube To Charge For Videos!

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  • SBMobile

    Everyone, pay attention! If you’re not sure how to lose millions & millions of customers/users in very short period of time, just follow what YouTube is planning to do with their “subscription” service. Look, if it’s free, you can’t just wake-up one morning & decide that we’re going to charge now, out of the blue. People will find their content regardless of what Google tries to do. It’s obvious by now that they don’t really have a source of income beyond ad-revenue, which is not “concrete” or a sound business-model in any way shape or form. #imjustsayin

    • megamu12

      i agree altho if given the choice to either pay $2 per month ($104 a year) to view a show i follow like the Shot97 live show it wouldnt be a big financial burden……tho to pay a penny for what was once free will and can anger some to the point of not continuing with the journey

  • NoLuck686

    youtube being free has always been cool and all that but if there going to make programing that caters towards online viewership channels like shot97,vice,being to that pop in my head Id gladly pay a yearly subscription service. and to be angry over paying people for there hardwork on making these online shows for us and paying youtube for bringing them to us is plain ol cheap nothings for free in this life for very long

  • Char Ansable

    The minute Youtube starts asking for cash. I’m out. Lets see how long that idea last cause I’m am very sure I am not alone on this.