Honey Cocaine “Chichi The Yayo”

Honey Cocaine “Chichi The Yayo”

Honey Cocaine was born Sochitta Sal in Cambodia. Her parents raised her in a poor village in the country. They fled their country and moved to Toronto Canada. Growing up she didn’t know English. She learned through watching 106th and Park.

One of the first rappers she heard was Tupac. She recalls listening to his music as a kid and not understanding what he was saying but as she learned more English she felt a connection with his stories and her life growing up. Honey Cocaine started writing poetry when she was 6. And when she got a little older she started writing raps once her English got better. At 11 she started hitting the studio.

Once her father got a decent job they moved into a house and gave her the master bedroom. Her father called her Honey growing up. She was the ultimate daddy’s girl because she was the only daughter of her father and mother who had seven children. Despite his love and favoritism to her she still was disciplined when her grades did not meet his standards. In High School she would keep a cup in her locker and sneak to McDonald’s after school and get free refills.

How Honey Cocaine and Freddy E Met

Their relationship started when they performed at a show in Seattle Washington. He introduced himself and mentioned he was a fan of hers. They exchanged numbers. They kept in touch and became friends. He attempted to take the relationship further but Honey Cocaine wasn’t interested. She was focused on her career and the two rarely would be able to see each other.

He respected that and continued to be friends. They supported each other. It is still unclear why Freddy decided to kill himself, but he did send a series of grim tweets before his passing. “Annnd, my day is ruined,” he wrote on the site, giving way to a series of other tragic messages. “If there’s a God then He’s calling me back home.

This barrel never felt so good next to my dome. It’s cold & I’d rather die than live alone.” Those tweets made fans assume that because of Honey’s rejection it’s what forced him to take his life.

Though his final message to the world was dark, Honey will remember all of the light Freddy E brought to the world around him.

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  • Andre Thornton

    this bitch is so fraudulent! REALLY?! YOU GUYS IS BUYING THIS SHIT?!

  • Andre Thornton

    Syke talking]
    I’m tired ah niggas in this motherfuckin’ rap game
    Talking ’bout what they done did and what they gon’ do
    What set the from and all this bullshit,
    Nigga I done ran a TRW on yo punk ass
    Nigga you ain’t even got no hood
    So what the fuck is you talkin’ about?, Nigga,


    Just be yo self,
    Everybody wanna be somebody else
    Just be yo self
    Just be yo self,
    Everybody wanna be somebody else
    Just be yo self
    Just be yo self,
    Why you wanna be somebody else?
    Just be you self
    Just be yo self,
    Everybody wanna be somebody else, nigga

    Verse 1:

    Fool can you see yo self?
    Everytime I come around you’s somebody else
    Gettin’ played to the left cause you steady changin’
    Never quoted in but you bangin’
    Part time slanga, one in the chamber for the anger
    That you build inside but you never ride,
    Homicidal tendencies, niggas please,
    Shakin’ fleas, three hundred an’ eighty degrees
    Trained and schooled by Gs, you can check,
    Pickin’ up my minum, hit ‘em, leaving ‘em wrecked,
    Fuck yo set, now I’m older wid bouldgers and birds
    Overseas bringin’ kis to the su-burbs
    What’s the word not this imitation rap shit,
    Niggas make up shit, so they counterfeit
    I don’t feel that shit, from this napple generation
    Cause they full ah perpetration
    Bitch made niggas they follow they copy
    I’m authentic motherfucka can’t stop me
    Carbon copies the essence of some, presence
    Don’t call me for no motherfuckin’ reference
    Nigga be yo self


    Verse 2:

    Have you really flipped kis, about yo cheese, stackin’ Gs
    Or is it all fictional thoughts that you perceive?
    Many fleas get in the rap game but claim something different
    Like being a hog from a iffin’, what is it?,
    That makes imitations speak on legend ways
    No affiliation wid nothing on ya resume
    Became a rapper now G overnight
    Soaking up game like a parasite alright,
    I’m tired ah weenies and beanies in Starter hats
    And killin’ everythang on these fuckin’ raps, per-haps
    We need to throw a meeting in yo hood
    Nigga don’t know me catch a beatin’ in my hood
    It’s understood from the West to the Eastside
    Slide wid the riders and suiciders, life biters,
    In the mix full ah tricks and they phony,
    Ya own homie told me…
    You ain’t being yo self


    Verse 3:

    You heard my style but not the voice wid it
    Somebody bidded I guess it fitted,
    I got more style than a lifer on a wave pal
    Upside down smiles stayin’ thuggin’ in the meanwhile
    Bustas beware, don’t stare I got a evil passion,
    Thug passsion on control, ballin’ assassin
    Let me floss, playa boss, picture me satelite
    Kickin’ up dust fiends rush, block sold up tight
    Syke Capone, roll alone from set to set
    Hangin’ wid Ninos and gangbangin’ vets
    Respect the fact pack a Mac if your pocket’s flat
    I’m puttin’ down moves from Jersey to Sac
    Felony acts involve murders never solved my brother,
    Followed around by the federal undercover
    They wanna smother a killer
    I’m the nigga yo hood hate
    Fuck wid me and I’ll smash yo hood to another state,
    Call me Syke psychoactive the troublemost
    Let’s make a toast to the Inglewatts overdose,
    And all these playa ass niggas out here
    That’s just being theyself, nigga,


    Verse 4:

    Baby I can’t forget about you
    You want reproduction of yo whole crew
    Outfits shows the center of your character,
    Split personalities like an actor
    Had to backtrack it cause they counter off
    Tryna make a thug nigga go soft,
    Doublecross, a hoe if you don’t know
    Stayin’ focused on my cash as I lay low
    There he go, the clepto-maniac,
    And I ain’t gon’ never change nigga fuck dat

    [Syke talks]
    Yeah, ain’t gon’ never change on these niggas
    I’m being myself from beginning to end nigga
    When you see me, you know I’m being myself nigga
    Ain’t nobody else I can be but my motherfuckin’ self
    Let the bustas be somebody else

  • Nino Brown

    I fucks with Honey Cocaine heavy, her songs got heavy rotation on my whip.

  • Char Ansable

    Thiz dirty bitch needs to sit her ass down…Hip Hop is officially dead.

  • K Dubb

    After listening to this shit for all of about 15 seconds, all I could say is the Bitch is too pretty to be talkin all that fuckery.
    Ooooooo she snuck to McDonalds for free refills… Dat bitch iz gangsta!!! *Sarc*
    Best I could say about it…