Freeband Double D Gunned Down

Freeband Double D Gunned Down

Music executive Freeband Double D was killed in Atlanta Thursday (April 11) while driving his Mercedes Maybach.

Double D—who’s worked with the likes of Future and Young Scooter—was gunned down on the city’s Interstate 20, at around 5:15 p.m.

Following the incident, investigators have not yet officially identified the victim, but he’s been confirmed as being the music exec.

According to witnesses, the gunshots came from a white SUV, which fled the scene before first responders could arrive.

An off-duty police officer was first on the scene.

The officer reportedly stopped after noticing the bullet-ridden luxury vehicle, which hadn’t quite crossed out of the right lane to the shoulder.

“We potentially could have an extremely dangerous situation,” said DeKalb police spokesperson Mekka Parish.

“At this point, we are still looking into the background of this victim.”

Following the news, Future tweeted his condolences. “RIP UNKA #DD #FREEBANDDOUBLE,” he wrote.

“He called me the wizard & ima live up too it #lafamilia.”

Police have yet to announce  a motive or make any arrests in the crime.

Police recovered multiple shell casings from the shoulder and roadway.

OG Double D was affiliated with singer Ciara’s boyfriend, Future.

He was reportedly a member of Future’s Freebandz record label.

Freebandz is distributed by Epic Records.

In photos and YouTube videos posted on OG Double’s Twitter and Instagram pages, the rapper flashed wads of cash, showed off his expensive watches and boasted about owning a mansion and a jet ski.

Among the photos on OG Double’s social media accounts is one photo of a Maybach similar to the one in photographs taken at the crime scene by an AJC staff photographer.

Police urge anyone with information on the shooting to come forward.

Sources: SandraRose & HipHopWired


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  • sweetya

    dam they die so young…fuck street money

  • Jez

    Who the fuck is this midget? He look like a west virginia runaway slave!

  • Gwenola

    Good luck with having someone come forward. In that area there are cameras that might have caught a glimpse of the car. I pray for the comfort of his Mother. She will carry this pain forever

  • Just J

    Just seen this man at the South dekalb mall I was showing my kids this car .so sad how u can work so hard to have what u want and someone who never had take ur life to get what u have.

  • Ladadon

    He was a low life pimp who had prostitutes robbing their tricks blind plus this man owned businesses with his street money. He’s just a Rich drug addict/dealer/pimp who was smart and conniving. The world really needs people like that. I feel sorry for no one except his son who will not have a father. His family is paid he made sure his affairs were handled.

    • MemphisFinest

      Just asking you must knew him personally?????

  • blakboi

    dont matter how rachet or grimmey a person is that dont justify taking his life… niggas need to get they own weight up and stop hating.. nigga had skills and knew how to make his paper and some rachet ass hood rat ass nigga was upset bout his money or lack of.. lol yall niggas are

  • http://N/a Dread

    Y’all niggas dnt kno what the fuck y’all talkin bout that man won the lotto 8 years ago and was a music exec know what the fuck you is talking bout before you pass judgement on people it makes you sound stupid ass fuck and the only person people should feel sorry is for your kids to have to be subject to your ignorance

  • MemphisFinest

    Haters…Haters…it don’t look good on you baby…


    Regardless of what this young man did in his pass, no man has the rite to post judgement on anyone,,,, I never heard of this guy until now,, but to see all this hate towards him is a shame…. Let that man rest in peace,,, my prayers are with his family, in their time of sorrow

    • MemphisFinest

      Thanks and Amen…..RIP OG Double D…..

  • tony smith

    I have know him for some yrs. now and it seem that his past caught up with him, take a million from a man he will have millions to find you.