DNA vs. K-SHINE (URL Rap Battle)

DNA vs. K-SHINE (URL Rap Battle)

Check out DNA and Charlie Clips discussing this battle HILARIOUS!!

SMACK/ URL does it again with another dope match up between DNA (Queens, NY) & K-Shine (Harlem, NY) .

This took place on March 9th which is the anniversary of the passing of late great Notorious B.I.G . Lil Cease & Wyclef host this battle along with Smack as a tribute to the Notorious B.I.G to celebrate his life and impact on Hip-Hop.

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Battle rapping, which can be freestyled, is the competition between two or more rappers in front of an audience. The tradition of insulting one’s friends or acquaintances in rhyme goes back to the dozens, and was portrayed famously by Muhammad Ali in his boxing matches. The winner of a battle is decided by the crowd and/or preselected judges. According to Kool Moe Dee, a successful battle rap focuses on an opponent’s weaknesses, rather than one’s own strengths.

The strongest battle rappers will generally perform their rap fully freestyled. This is the most effective form in a battle as the rapper can comment on the other person, whether it be what they look like, or how they talk, or what they wear. It also allows the rapper to reverse a line used to “diss” him or her if they are the second rapper to battle. This is known as a ‘flip’.


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  • Starz N Skullz

    K shine got dat one. Dot mob all day. HARLEM.

  • http://www.facebook.com/djkennymaneuver Kenny Maneuver

    K-Shine….. Nuff Said….