Tex 1 & Khaliba “All Time High” (Unsigned)

Tex 1 & Khaliba “All Time High” (Unsigned)

The New Single from Tex 1 & Khaliba (Caliber) ”All Time High” ft. Candi Carlisle serves as great example that Hip Hop can promote positivity and still successfully captivate an audience.

“All Time High” not only advocates the importance of educating children but also appeals to the self esteem of the youth while stressing the importance of prioritizing and avoiding the many pitfalls that one can encounter when battling the trials of inner city life.

From Newark, NJ; The song writing / music production duo Tex 1 & Khaliba (Caliber) has produced many successful hits locally as well as different regions throughout the nation.

Today they find enjoyment in “writing for a purpose” when ever they can.

“All Time High” is now available on itunes through Wreckteam Entertainment Group LLC.


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Music Entertainment, Studio Recording, Live Performances, Management as well as Retail. All of the above businesses have had their fair share of extremely driven and ambitious people who emerged within them and have become today’s “success stories” This is the story of the Song Writing & Production Team as well Entrepreneurs, Tex 1 & Khaliba.

A set of brothers born and raised in the hard cities of Newark and East Orange, New Jersey. (Zennie “Tex 1″ Perry; Born March 28, 1981 and Tyral “Khaliba” Perry; Born March 16, 1979) Tex 1 & Khaliba found their early love for music, particularly Hip Hop and RnB, during their elementary school days.

After hearing albums by Run DMC, Kurtis Blow, Stephanie Mills and many of “the greats” they were eager to learn how to make songs. They joined their elementary school band as well as the school chorus to began their long journey in music and entertainment.

During High School, together they formed a Hip Hop group along with 3 other members called “Nastie Rhymaz Affiliation” (NRA). The Group went on to compete and win 1st place in many different talent shows around the city of Newark. After NRA dismembered in 2000, Tex 1 & Khaliba went on to record and perform as a 2 man duo named Wrecknologee.

During this time they were booked as Opening acts for artists such as Jadakiss and Fabolous. In 2003 the brothers formed Wreckteam Entertainment Group LLC (Formerly Wreckteam & Company Entertainment Group) in 2003 along with recording artists Tragic and Kwestjun as Vice Presidents.

Wreckteam Entertainment Group LLC is home to several entities such as Wreckteam Records, Wreckteam Films & Wreckteam – 623 Entertainment. Wreckteam also specializes in producing talent showcases, parties and other live events as well.

Tex 1 & Khaliba are slated to release their first full length CD On Wreckteam Records This Fall. The CD Titled “The Day The Job Market Crumbled” will feature various artists that are signed to and or affiliated with Wreckteam Records. “The Day The Job Market Crumbled” is expected to hit shelves Fri. October 29th.


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  • Stephanie

    Great song. It’s refreshing to hear hip hop music with a positive message.

  • Keiona

    I love this song! Keep doing great music that inspires us in a positive way!

  • Khalilah

    Great video…and love the song it’s refreshing and positive. The song is dope bottom line.

  • Devon

    A great song with a positive message for the youth…Luv it!

  • Chanita

    Great song! Great message! Great video! Proof that hip hop can be positive and inspiring and still be entertaining.

  • http://gravatar.com/beyondobjects Akello Light

    Great vibe