Son Shot & Killed Dad At Church

Man Shot & Killed Outside Church!

ASHTABULA, OHIO - An Ohio church shooting left one man dead and his son arrested as churchgoers hid under pews to stay safe.

The incident happened in Ashtabula, Ohio on Easter Sunday, as WKYC reported on March 31.

The incident happened at the Hiawatha Church of God and Christ Sunday afternoon around 1 p.m. The suspect is said to be Rashad Riddle, who waited for his family to exit the church.

He said something to his father, Richard Riddle, then shot him. Witnesses indicate there was only one shot and Richard Riddle, 53, died at the scene.

Rashad Riddle, 25, did not leave the scene, and police took him into custody when they arrived.

It seems that he cooperated with police. Rashad used a handgun in the incident, and he was still holding the gun as he sat in the church when police arrived.

Dozens of people hid inside the church during the incident, and luckily the alleged gunman did not target anybody else.

The Sun-Herald reports that churchgoers were leaving the church when they heard the gunshot and pushed back into the church.

Rev. David Howard Jr. says that he was told, “The guy was outside hollering and acting crazy.”

After the Ohio church shooting, the suspect then apparently entered the church, went up to the pulpit and began preaching “crazy stuff.”

Those in the church crawled under the pews to try to stay safe.

Many children were present at the church during the incident, and there were 75 to 100 people present for the Easter Sunday afternoon service.

The Riddle family reportedly had attended services at the church for many years, and this is clearly a devastating incident for the church and the community.

So far there have been no reports regarding Rashad Riddle’s apparent motive in the Ohio church shooting.

Source:  Examiner


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  • smittyhii

    kids killing parents, parents killing kids its off tha hizay

  • Markos

    No doubt. If I was a religious man I would say that these are the last days but in reality people have been wilding out for a while now.

  • JamesJinSC (@JamesJinSC)

    They story failed to point out that the son, Rashad, walked into the church and said “This is the will of allah”

  • JamesJinSC (@JamesJinSC)