Ex- NFL Player Comes Out Closet

Ex- NFL Player Comes Out Closet

gay ex-NFL player has come out of the closet and said he wishes he had made this decision sooner.

According to SI.com on March 29, former San Francisco 49ers player Kwame Harris came out in a CNN interview this morning.

Harris came out of the closet originally when he pled guilty in January 2013 to beating an ex-boyfriend.

The interview this morning with CNN was one of the first times he has spoken out about his sexual orientation.

In the interview, Harris said that at times he wanted to escape the turmoil and darkness that comes with keeping your sexual orientation a secret.

He said that now that the secret is out, he is happier than he has been in a long time.

He said that the darkness was so great before that he is happy he never acted on it.

It was just last month a San Francisco wide receiver Chris Culliver said that gay NFL players should remain in the closet while playing, an then for more years after they retire.

He then went on to brag that there are no gay NFL players on the 49ers roster, something his head coach spoke out against by saying that they treat all players equal.

As a gay ex-NFL player, Harris said he wants to make sure that all gay players realize they are not alone.

Source: Examiner


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